Global Peace Convention

Annual Conference Branding & Event Web Design
Case Study
Legacy Project

Branding & Website Design and Build for International Event

This website was intended as a temporary build, relevant for the event. While it is no longer “live”, the client-experience and working process of delivering a quality result persist.

This project was completed while working in-house for the Event sponsor, Global Peace Foundation.


Provide users a robust, mobile responsive event website experience for the International, Global Peace Convention (GPC). This annual event required a site which highlights prominent Speakers, Event Schedule and Maps, Event Sponsors, and event related activities.


We designed a dynamic and accurate event website for the GPC which provided critical event information to participants, attendees, and the organization’s international community. Various users and stakeholders were able to interact with the site remotely and in Korea during the event to maintain updated information.


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Website Design
Custom WordPress Design
Responsive Webdesign