Global Peace Convention

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Branding, visual identity, digital strategy, and print collateral.


Develop a brand identity for the Global Peace Convention (GPC), an international, annual conference that brings together leading international experts, policy makers, and peace advocates to share best practices and develop multi-sector partnerships for sustainable peace and development.


With limited time frame, we designed a distinct visual identity and the corresponding print collateral that presented a modern, progressive feel grounded in the brand colors of hosting partner, Global Peace Foundation. To ensure visibility for both print and digital platforms, we delivered a clean and bold logo that held up at various scale sizes. We provided various collateral pieces to event producers on the ground in Seoul, Korea for use on signage, social media collateral, Korean language web site assets, event registration collateral, and One-K Korean re-unification concert event.


GPC branding appeared through out print, digital, video and a variety of medium, conveying a clear and cohesive brand for the life-cycle of the entire event and related marketing campaigns.


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Digital & Print Collateral
Digital Strategy

Logo in use – signage, banners, & web

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