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Branding, visual identity, tagline ideation, digital strategy, and print collateral.


Create a brand and digital strategy for Digital Fastforward (DF), an innovation leader empowering teams to unleash their full creative potential when delivering new & disruptive technologies. Develop a visual identity that embodies digital innovation and stands out in the tech world and can be disseminated across all platforms, digital and print collateral.


Strategy sessions drove the design of this striking, strong logo and word mark. Clear and scale-able, like the design-thinking innovation sprints that DF delivers to their clients, the bold colors are solid yet call attention. Shark-fins double as fast forward icons and symbolize how DF innovation enables their clients to adapt quickly to new digital opportunities and threats.


In addition to delivering a cohesive brand and a visual identity that translates across all of DF’s digital platforms, radio pod-casts, and print collateral, solid branding helped DF establish a new strategic relationship with Pegasystems, a leading software platform that enables digital transformation. With further innovation into the virtual learning and training world, DF is poised for future growth.


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Digital FastForward • Logo Design
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Digital FastForward • Logo Design